Keynote Speakers

Dr. Ali Nabipour Chakoli
Dr. Syed Abdul Rehman Khan
Brasi School of Supply Chain Management USA
Syed Abdul Rehman Khan, CSCP is a Professor of Supply Chain and Logistics Management. Dr. Khan achieved his CSCP—Certified Supply Chain Professional certificate and successfully completed his Doctorate Degree. Since 2014, Dr. Khan is affiliated with Brasi School of Supply Chain Management USA. Dr. Khan has more than eight years’ core experience of supply chain and logistics at industry and academic levels. Dr. Khan has attended several international conferences in Dubai, Pakistan, Italy, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, and Netherland and has also been invited as guest speaker, Keynote speaker and conference committee member. He has published more than 70 research papers in different well renowned international journals and conferences. He is a regular contributor to conferences and workshops around the world. Dr. Khan also holds Editorial Membership of two international journals. In addition, Prof. Khan holds memberships in the following well renowned institutions and supply chain bodies/associations: APCIS-U.S.; Supply Chain Council U.S.; Supply Chain Association of Pakistan; USA Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals; and Global Supply Chain Council China.